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"making a difference was the path we chose"

It all started in the 1970s when Rick Berry opened The Farmacy, a health food store in Youngstown, OH. After being forced to change the name by the state board he ironically decided to become a pharmacist. Fast forward to 1994 when Rick began working at a pharmacy in Austintown, OH.


In 1995 he purchased the business from the owner. He later opened up a second location in Boardman, OH. After being in the field for over 30 years him and his wife Mary Jo decided to sell the Boardman store and restructure the business and focus on the true foundation of health. Food. In 2015 they began planning and teamed up with their son Rob and decided to open up Berry's Natural Food Market and Pharmacy.


It has become an integral part of the community and offers the highest quality of food available to the surrounding areas of Youngstown, OH.

We are a family-owned business specializing in natural and organic food and supplements. We provide unrivaled customer service, competitive prices, and a wide variety of products for the conscious consumer.


We strive to direct our customers toward diet reform to avoid preventable diseases. We believe that consuming the right balance of natural and organic foods makes it possible to drastically reduce the risk of those conditions. In some cases, it may be possible to even slow down and prevent more serious degenerative diseases as well.

We believe we're here to do well by the community. As we like to put it...small business, big heart. Making a difference was the path we chose and we're dedicated to doing exactly that.


By choosing Berry’s you’re supporting more than just a local business and your local economy. You’re supporting an entire industry dedicated to the health and wellness of the Earth and all its inhabitants.


Visit us in store or shop online!

Our mission

"small business, big heart"

The History

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